Fiercely Fit for Kids

What is Fiercely Fit?

Fiercely Fit Kids is a kid’s fitness program (ages 6 - 11) held once a week, Tuesdays (ages 6-8) and Fridays (ages 9-11), for 6 weeks, focusing on fitness aspects covered in the yearly Presidential Fitness Test administered in the school systems. The goal of the program is to promote positive feelings toward physical activity and living a healthy life style. At the end of the program there will be field day events, prizes for winning events, and a prize for all children who complete a physical activity card consistently every week.

What days and times will it be offered?

Tuesdays (ages 6-8) and Fridays (ages 9-11) 3:30 -4:30 pm.

Session dates: August 8 - September 14

Registration Dates: July 8 - August 8. Register at the Fitness Complex.

What is the max number of children per class?

The max number of children per class is set at 10.

Who will be able to take the class, and what is the cost?

The Fiercely Fit Kids class is open to children of both active-duty members and DoD employees on base.


Register at the Fitness Complex. $20/child.  


Basketball court in Fitness Complex, Sail Pointe Park, Turf Field and Track, Group X room.


All kid friendly and censored.

Physical activity log:

Physical Activity logs are included in the registration packet. The Physical Activity log contains the amount of time that children are suggested to complete per the surgeon general as well as the ACSM (the “golden standard” in the world of exercise science). The log will also have information on the various facilities the base has to offer: Under the Pines, Sail Pointe Park, Lake D (including a playground and outdoor equipment can be used on lake), and all of the sports fields.  At the end of each week, parents will be given a new card for the kids to fill out for the following week. Parents are encouraged to participate in the physical activity with their children.

Achievements and prizes:

At the end of each class the hardest worker receives a wristband. On Field Day, a prize will be given to all kids who test within a healthy range. There will be a water bottle given to all children that consistently turn in their completed physical activity log each week.

Weekly Breakdown:



Assessment Day

Assessment Day

Crab soccer

Long jump, high jump, timed sprints, crunches- who can do the most

Relay race- sprint, scooter, bear crawl, leap frog.

Dodgeball – Variety of games

Fitness obstacle course

Intro to Yoga

Freeze tag (when frozen jog in place)

Timed stations, Last man sprints

Field Day

Field Day