NGIS Laborer

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Flex, No Benefits
9.99 - Hourly
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Not Authorized
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Employment Category:   Flexible, 0-40 hours per week, with no benefits.  May require working night, weekend and holiday hours.  Night differential, Sunday/Holiday premium pay will be paid for hours worked.  NOTE:  A flexible employee is one who serves in either a continuing or temporary (time limited) position, on a scheduled or unscheduled (as needed or intermittent) basis, up to 40 hours per week. Flexible employees are not eligible to participate in the CNIC benefit programs, nor are they entitled to earn or use leave including military leave, court leave, sick or annual leave.

Location:   Navy Gateway Inns & Suites aboard Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA

Duties:  The purpose of this position is to provide non-technical general labor as required.  Performs work assisting in multiple trades in maintenance and repair of grounds, exterior structures, buildings, and related fixtures and utilities.  Assists with install and repair.  Moves furniture and equipment.  Observes required safety, sanitation, and hazardous waste disposal rules and regulations.  Performs other related duties as assigned.                                                                                                     


  • Ability to operate, control, and clean heavy power equipment and to work safely with heavy tools.

  • Ability to provide continual care and attention both to avoid accidents and to finish the work properly.

  • Ability to complete assignments involving several tasks or processes which require remembering directions, sequences, etc.

  • Must possess basic math and reading skills.

  • Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively both verbally and in writing in English.

  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:   May exert very heavy physical effort in doing such tasks as frequently lifting and moving objects weighing over 50 lbs., running power mowers on grades, or pushing heavy wheelbarrow loads of cement, lifting or carrying luggage, etc.  Work indoors may expose the worker to drafts, noise, dust and dirt and require standing on concrete floors for long periods.  Extreme temperature and weather conditions may exist when working outdoors.  Special care is required to avoid serious injuries.  Must wear issued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and protective gear.          

Special Requirements:  This position may be designated ALPHA personnel for inclement weather or in the interest of national security and may be required to report for work when other employees are excused.  This position is subject to a favorable National Agency Check (NAC).  The incumbent is expected to meet the requirements outlined in the Lodging Career Path Guide.

Basis of Review:   Applicants will be evaluated based on experience and qualifications described above and presented in written format.