Geocaching: The Sequel!

Welcome to MWR Kings Bay Geocaching Challenge, the SEQUEL! In July we offered a special introduction series of caches. These will remain for your enjoyment if you didn't already check them out. We are now offering a second series of more advanced geocaches that include multiple steps that lead to a final destination. For your safety, we have removed all containers for these “touchless” geocaching adventures, be sure to log your find date and comment on facebook, just try not to give the locations away so everyone can enjoy the fun. The first 5 that log in will be contacted to receive a special treat from MWR. Happy Finding!

Thank you to USAA for sponsoring* this event!

Find the advanced caches with the following coordinates and clues:

Description: All cache “containers” have been eliminated, you are looking for small laminated signs, each coordinate listed will take you to a second clue that should give you 4 caches that can be combined to lead you to a final destination

Lat 30.7904 Long -81.5678 hint- see double, take a break

Lat 30.7884 Long-81.5708 (30degN 47’18, 81degW 34’14) hint- look for an octagon

Lat 30.7904 Long -81.5669 (30degN 47’25, 81degW 34’00) hint-it’s dense and does damage

Lat 30.7906 Long -81.5705 (30degN 47’26, 81deg W 34’13) hint-illuminate

What to EXPECT:

Due to slight variations in GPS devices all cache coordinates are within 10-15ft of the cache location, use the hints to find the cache once you are at the coordinates.

All of the caches are within 500 ft of car access, but you could certainly make this a full day outdoor adventure since all the caches are located along our bike and walking trails.

Be aware that this is an outdoor adventure and you may encounter various plants and insects in a changing environment. We routinely check the locations, but can't visit them everyday. If you encounter something hazardous please notify us right away (912-573-4873) or private message us on FB so that we can make the cache safe for all to enjoy.

How to Geocache with MWR: Use the coordinates and clues to find each of the hidden caches: Some caches are within easy site lines, others are not, so be sure to look carefully. All of our caches are for any age and ability, just be prepared for weather and outdoor conditions (wear sturdy footwear, bring bug spray, water, etc.)

*No Navy endorsement implied.