Outdoor Rentals


Outdoor Rentals: 

Out is the new in. Enjoy the great outdoors with party and adventure gear from Outdoor Rentals. You’ll find everything you need to host the perfect party - canopies, tables, chairs, grills, coolers, and more. Walking on your outdoor wild side? Rent boats, tents, and more!

Hunting & Fishing: 

Interested in hunting or fishing onboard Kings Bay? Find our more information here.

Storage Lots:

Tired of your significant other's "toys" taking over your side yard? Ready to take back your garage? HOA getting you down with those pesky rules? Ready to see your driveway again? 

MWR Vehicle Storage has spaces available up to 40’ in length to store your RV, Boat, vehicle or trailers!

Call Tickets & Travel & take back over your front yard today! (912)-573-1157

Open Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.