Teen Program


OMG, the Teen Program is the place to LOL!  Teens (ages 13-18, and still in high school) stay engaged through a slew of educational (shh, don’t tell them!) and recreational activities. The Teen Program offers a great way to make new friends upon arrival to Kings Bay. Programming is provided through partnerships with the Boys & Girls Club of America and Georgia 4-H.

The Teen Program is open to teens of active-duty military and civilians, as well as Reservists on active duty or training, retirees, and family members. Pick up your registration paperwork at the Youth Center, Bldg. 0166, Monday-Friday, 8 am-12 noon/1 pm- 6 pm to register your teen. 


Scholarship Opportunities
Youth Sponsorship
Weeknight Activities (during school year)
Longer hours during school breaks
Volunteer Opportunities
Field Trips



Foosball Table
Snack for Purchase
Music Area
Gaming Room
Classroom Area 
Free WiFi

Questions? Call us at (912)-674-0296 or (912)-573-8236. 

Growing Today for a Better Tomorrow 

"Data from a new survey module shows that across five domains, the majority of members report high levels of social- emotional skills. For example, regarding self-efficacy, 94% report there are many things they can do well.

Teens who stay in the Club as they get older seem better able to resist high- risk behaviors than their peers nationally.
For instance, 95 percent of Club ninth graders report abstaining from the use
of prescription pills such as opioid pain killers, compared to 89 percent of ninth graders nationally. By contrast, 94 percent of Club 12th graders report abstaining from prescription pill use, compared to 82 percent of 12th graders nationally.

In 2018, more than three-quarters (76 percent) of high-school-aged youth who attended the
Club at least once per week expressed an interest in pursuing post-secondary education.
An additional 7 percent planned to pursue
some type of employment opportunity after high school, 5 percent intended to join the military and 13 percent had not yet decided on their post- secondary plans."

Resource: https://www.bgca.org/about-us/club-impact