Hunting & Fishing

Hunting onboard SUBASE Kings Bay 

Hunting season is between September through January each year.  Hunting aboard SUBASE is necessary to control the deer population, thus reducing the number of deer involved in vehicle accidents.  SUBASE is an enclosed habitat.  Hunting controls the deer population.   Hunting prevents exceeding available food sources and promotes a healthy and productive deer herd.  The hunting rules and regulations are outlined in detail in the SUBASE Hunting Instruction (SUBASEINST 11015.1U). 

Hunting season in no way restricts non-hunters from enjoying the same areas that hunters do.  The key is to be aware that you may encounter hunters in the woods. For your own safety, please wear bright colored clothing, and stay on bike-paths and perimeter roads.  If you choose to hike in the woods, contact the SUBASE Game Warden.  The Game Warden can advise you on what areas are not occupied to ensure a safe and pleasant outing without encroaching on the hunters. Attendees will have to call the Game Warden at 912-674-6817.

Hunters must have a Georgia state hunting license and big game license.  Hunters must purchase a SUBASE hunting permit from MWR Tickets & Travel Office.  Hunters must attend an annual rules, regulations, and safety brief prior to hunting or scouting the base.  They must have a state approved Hunter Safety Course Certificate from any state if born after January 1961.  All weapons, archery & firearms must be registered with SUBASE security. Hunters must have a SUBASE weapons registration for their hunting weapon/weapons from Stimson pass and I.D. less than three years old. 

2023 Annual Rules, Regulations, and Safety Brief. 
Brief will be held at the Indoor Rifle Range starting at 1630.
Wed,  August 23, 2023//Wed, August 30, 2023//Wed, September 6, 2023
After Sept 6, classes will be offered every Wednesday at 1300 insides of Building 3007, following Hunter Check-In through October 25, 2023.

NEW 2023 Archery Qualifications. 
Qualifications will be held at Building 3007 starting at 1600. 
Thurs, August 24, 2023 // Thurs, August 31, 2023 // Thurs, September 7, 2023

For additional details, please call the Game Warden at 912-674-6817.

Fishing onboard SUBASE Kings Bay

SUBASE Fishing permits must be purchased from the MWR Tickets & Travel Office.  Fishermen and women must have a Georgia state fishing license.