Geocaching Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Grab your family & friends and accept this geocaching challenge!

What is Geocaching? It is a worldwide treasure hunt using GPS coordinates to find hidden "caches". Simply type in the coordinates below into a geocaching app or your GPS (using the format "Lat,Long"). Use a GPS device or app to input the coordinates. For example in google maps enter 30.8045, -81.5696 to find the first location then use the clue to find the hidden cache
Want to go technology free? Plot the coordinates on a map and start your adventure!

We have seven (7) carefully hidden caches throughout the outdoor MWR parks and recreation areas on Kings Bay. Each cache is a clue to unlock a specific word, with each cache one letter of the word will be revealed. Once you find all the cache clues, you can unravel the word!

For your safety, we have removed all containers for this special "touch less" geocaching adventure (look for a laminated sign).

Find the caches at the following coordinates:

1: Lat 30.8045 Long -81.5696 (30degN 48’16.2, 81deg W 34’10.6) Hint- what all orphans hope for

2: Lat 30.8028 Long -81.5644 (30degN 48’10.1, 81degW 33’51.8) Hint- If you have a little one and want a rest

3: Lat 30.7889 Long -81.5719 (30degN 47’20, 81degW 34’18.8) Hint- look for where the crowd gathers

4: Lat 30.7907 Long -81.5698 (30degN47”26.5, 81degW 34’11.3) Hint-not quite center stage

5: Lat 30.8238 Long -81.5515 (30degN 49’25.7, 81degW 33’05.4) Hint- when you read it look behind

6: Lat 30.7736 Long -81.5511 (30degN 46’25, 81degW 33’04)
Hint- you can see homes that move from here

7: Lat 30.7911 Long-81.5714 (30deg N 47’28, 81deg W 34’17)
Hint- start with the switch

All caches are beginning/intermediate level and any age and ability can participate. All caches are accessible by car and placed no further than 500ft from where a car can access.
Looking for adventure? All caches are accessible by hiking/biking trails! Be prepared with bug spray, sunscreen and water & have fun!