Youth Center Winter Camp Registration

Winter Break Day Camp: December 18-January 1. Ages Kindergarten - 12 years.
*Camp is closed on December 25 & January 1*

Registration Start Dates
• November 27 - Single/dual military, wounded/fallen warriors, and IA
• December 4 - Active-duty military with working or student spouse and DoD employees
• December 11 - DoD contractors and all others

Registration Information
• Must provide current LES, spouse pay stub or current school enrollment letter to determine fee category
• IAs must provide orders
• Single/dual military must provide Family Care Plan
• First-time patrons must provide legal documentation for child's confirmation of age
• Hourly care is also available
• Register at the Youth Center Monday-Friday, 9 am-3 pm
• Camp hours are from 0500 - 1900 (childcare not to exceed 12 hours/day).