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Can all my children play on the same team?

Special requests must be made at time of registration and are not guaranteed. Usually if children are in the same age group and in the same family the children will be placed on the same team. Please note on registration forms if you would like the children on separate teams. For children who are not in the same age group you will need to fill out an age waiver and attend skills assessments.

Can I request for my child to be on a certain team or with a friend/coworkers child?

Special requests must be made at time of registration and are not guaranteed.

Can I request to move my child into an older age group?


Kings Bay Youth Sports recognizes that there may be a number of factors, including but not limited to, ability, size, maturity level, and playing experience that may warrant a child’s ability to play up into the next age group.

To move into an older age group a child must go through a skills assessment prior to being allowed to move up. Player must attend both their appropriate age group assessment and the assessment age group the player is requesting to move into. Coaches from the older age group must agree that the child is ready to move up, and the Youth Sports Coordinator must approve the request. Taken into account will be the child’s ability; age; maturity level. There is no guarantee when you register that the child will be moved in to the older age bracket.

Age waivers must be submitted each season. They do not automatically renew.

Do you need officials for youth sports?

Yes! If you are interested in being an official please call the Youth Sports and Fitness Coordinator at 912-573-8202. We offer paid and volunteer positions. Training is provided. Experience is greatly appreciated, but not a requirement.

How do I become a volunteer coach? Do I need to have a child participating to coach?

It is not a requirement to have a child to coach. We greatly appreciate and accept all volunteers! To be a youth sports coach a background check and training is required. If you are interested in coaching please call the Youth Sports and Fitness Coordinator at 912-573-8202.

How do I take the PAYS training?


Click “Option 1″ under Sign Up
Next, click the “Get Started” button
Complete the online form
Include each child in your household (only use their first name if the last name is the same as yours)

Step 2: Program Affiliation

Answer both program affiliation questions by checking the “Yes” box
Select Kings Bay Submarine Base under the Navy Installation drop box

Step 3: Payment Information/Confirmation Page

Double check that the Membership Fee reads $0.00 (price is $0.00 by default)
Click “Confirm” box
Make sure your information is correct then click “Process”

Step 4: Use Login Information/Complete the PAYS Course

Once registered, take the PAYS video-based training course
After completing the course, parents read and acknowledge the “Parents Code of Ethics Pledge”
You are not required to print out your completion certificate at the end of the course

You have now completed the training!

Youth Sports will approve your membership allowing you to access all areas of the PAYS Online Member Area. Membership is valid for (1) one year and is good for ALL Naval Installations worldwide.

I am a parent. How can get I get involved with Youth Sports?

Join the Youth Sports Parents Advisory Board. Call 912-573-8202 for more information.

If Kings Bay Youth Sports doesn't offer a sport, how can I find out if an outside organization does?

Go to and search through the Navy Youth Sports and Fitness Directory of Opportunities.

What documents do I need to register?

Registration forms are located at the Youth Center in Housing. Payment is due at time of registration. Proof of age (birth certificate, shot record, military ID) is needed if your child has never played with Kings Bay Youth Sports.

What does my registration fee include?

Uniform or t-shirt and end of season award.

What equipment does my child need?

 A parent fact sheet will be given out at registration with information about skills assessment, parent orientation, equipment, and other information. You can also go to for more information about current leagues.

What is PAYS? Why do parents have to do training?

The Parents Association for Youth Sports (PAYS) program is mandatory training for parents who have children active in Navy YSF sports programs. This brief training provides parents with awareness of their roles and responsibilities in supporting their child’s sports experience, and the training outlines standards of behavior for parents that encourage them to take active and positive roles in their youth’s sport activity. Additionally, PAYS helps to understand Navy YSF mission and goals and how they can support their child’s coaches.

One parent from each child’s family must complete the PAYS training program in order for the child to participate in a Navy YSF sport. If a family has multiple children involved in the YSF program or one child involved is involved in more than one sport, the parent must complete the PAYS program once.

What is the Directory of Opportunities?

The Directory of Opportunities is an online resource developed for parents, teens and youth to access information about the available sports, fitness, health and nutrition, and recreation opportunities on base and in the communities surrounding each installation for youth and teens ages 5 to 18 of all abilities.

What programs does Kings Bay Youth Sports and Fitness offer?

Kings Bay Youth Sports and Fitness provides a diversified, fun, organized, and quality recreational youth sports and fitness program to meet the 5 core service areas of Sports, Fitness, Health and Nutrition, Outdoor Recreation and Motor Skills Development. This recreational program offers a wide variety of fitness opportunities to enhance social, emotional, and physical development of participants in a wholesome environment. The emphasis of the program is on sportsmanship, individual/team participation rather than winning or losing, and to provide youth with caring positive role models through trained volunteer staff. Please go to or for information about current programs.

When will my child practice? When are games?

Practices times and days are determined by volunteer coaches. Games schedules are put together based on the needs of each individual league. Parents can ask for special requests to only play on certain days. However, special requests must be made at time of registration and are not guaranteed.

Where do I register for Youth Sports?

Youth Center located in Housing, at 650 USS Wahoo Ave, Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay Georgia, 31547.

Where is the Youth Sports and Fitness Office located?

Fitness Complex, USS Daniel Boone Ave, Kings Bay Ga., 31547 Bldg. 1034

Why does my child have to attend skills assessments?

Skills assessments must be performed prior to the start of  season for older age groups to ensure proper grouping and selection procedures to create fair and equitable teams.

Why doesn't my child's league keep score or play in tournaments?

In order for everyone involved in YSF activities to have productive experiences and gain positive life skills, Navy YSF Programs are required to organize offerings into age-appropriate categories. The goal of Navy YSF programming is participation, not winning. Instructional and Developmental programs (usually children ages 8 and below) are not allowed to keep scores or standings. Furthermore, children in Organizational programs (usually children ages 10 and below) are not allowed to participate in travel teams or post-season tournaments. For more information and rules please go to to review the Navy Youth Sports and Fitness Operating Manual.


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