Barista (Bartender)

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Community Recreation
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Flex, No Benefits
10.19 - Hourly
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Not Authorized
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Employment Category:  Flexible, 0-40 hours per week, with no benefits.  May require working night, weekend and holiday hours.  Night differential and holiday/Sunday premium pay will be paid for hours worked.  NOTE:  A flexible employee is one who serves in either a continuing or temporary (time limited) position, on a scheduled or unscheduled (as needed or intermittent) basis, up to 40 hours per week. Flexible employees are not eligible to participate in the CNIC benefit programs, nor are they entitled to earn or use leave including military leave, court leave, sick or annual leave.

Location:  “We Proudly Serve” Starbucks aboard Naval Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA

Introduction:  Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay’s NRPA award-winning and CAPRA accredited MWR program is seeking Baristas to join its’ We Proudly Serve” Starbucks team.  Ideal candidates must be knowledgeable in serving exceptional coffee and coffee drinks.  Teamwork, strong work ethic, and the ability to work independently without supervision will be expected of the chosen applicants.

Duties:  Performs tasks with several steps or sequence of tasks.  Work is scheduled knowing what steps or sequences of steps are needed to complete the work.  Makes coffee according to the number of servings desired, with responsibility for timing and brewing.  Follow specific oral and written instructions when changes or new assignments are made, but use some judgment in deciding that the standards of sanitation, attractiveness, timeliness, safety, and service are met (i.e., serving and individual portioning).  The supervisor periodically checks to see that work is done on time and according to instructions.  May unload from delivery trucks and move heavy garbage cans.  Will operate POS (Point of Sale) System and be responsible for own change fund.  Performs other duties as assigned.


            Ø  Skill to perform tasks with several steps and use judgment in the performance of sequential tasks.

            Ø  Concentration is required to serve uniform individual portions and to avoid distractions, such as when several people ask for                    different items at the same time.

            Ø  Simple arithmetic and the ability to read instructions is required.

            Ø  Working knowledge of common sanitation procedures to prevent contamination.

Physical Demands and Work Environment:  Work involves light to moderate physical effort such as frequently lifting or moving objects weighing up to 30 pounds, constantly standing and walking, and occasionally lifting up to 45 pounds.  Work areas are often uncomfortably warm and noisy.  Workers are exposed to minor cuts, bruises, burns, and scalds.  There is danger of slipping on wet floors.

Basis of Review:   Applicants will be evaluated based on experience and qualifications described above and presented in written format.