Additional Housing Information

Housing Check-in Services

Services include the following:

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS) housing check-in.
  • Process Privatized housing applications and verify eligibility.
  • Community Housing Options
  • Maintain a current housing wait list available to view in the lobby.
  • Rental Partnership Program assistance for housing on the economy at reduced rent.
  • Extensive available property listings from various combined military and civilian resources.
  • Lease and purchase agreement counseling.
  • Counseling for special needs.
  • Telephones, photocopy, and facsimile machines are available without charge.
  • Selling your home/terminating your lease
  • Landlord/Tenant dispute resolution
  • Real Estate Listing Services
  • Lease/Contract review
  • Assistance Programs (RPP, Deposit Waivers, SCRA, HAP, etc)

Privatized Housing Application Process

To apply for privatized family housing you will need to submit an application with the information described below. Unaccompanied personnel are eligible to apply for housing however they are a lower priority than families.

You must check into housing within 30 days of arrival to secure full local move benefits.

Qualification for Military Family Housing:

Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, United States Coast Guard and National Guard members are eligible.

In order to apply, you are required to have the following:

  1. DD Form 1746 (Application for Assignment to Housing). DD FORM 1746.
  2. A copy of orders showing your detachment dates.
  3. Certification of bona fide family members. Examples of acceptable forms of documentation are the USN-Emergency Data application (Page 2); USMC NAVMC 10922; USA & USAF- DD Form 93; USCG- 4170.
  4. Addendum A (Form 1103/1) ADDENDUM A

Eligibility is determined by your pay grade and the number of dependents who will reside in the home full-time.

Application may be made in person or submitted in advance by mail, fax or email. Those not submitted in person must be confirmed within 30 days of reporting.

Full resident guidelines, including the pet policy for PPV housing at NSB Kings Bay are also available on Balfour Beatty Communities’

Community Housing Options

NSB Kings Bay is in Camden County which is located in the extreme southeast corner of coastal Georgia. There are three incorporated cities within Camden County, including Woodbine, Kingsland and St. Marys. Kings Bay is approximately three miles from Georgia State Highway 40; five miles from Interstate 95 and 30 miles from north of the Jacksonville, Florida airport.

All personnel contemplating living off base should make the Housing Service Center (HSC) their first stop. The HSC is ready to help all personnel that are authorized to receive BAH to find a home out in town. We maintain listings affordable for single personnel and also offer help with finding a roommate. We will also help you review a lease and in some cases we can offer favorable rents and security deposit agreements. We also can provide support to mediate disputes with landlords or roommates if needed.

The HSC maintains a list of currently available apartments, and houses, for sale or rent. This service is designed to save effort and expense during the house-hunting stage of your tour.

Rental Listings in the area can be found by coming into the HSC and also on this website at

Please visit our Community Referral page at for additional resources and information.

New Housing Website:

Local apartments in the area are generally available, affordable and convenient to the installation. One of the best ways to increase affordability is to share an apartment or house. Our HSC staff can help with tips on how to make your house sharing experience a pleasant one.

When living in the community, you will be able to draw Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

If you are interested in purchasing property, the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) provides information and classes on home buying.

Rental Partnership Program

The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) is designed to provide active duty military personnel, enlisted and officer, single or married, with affordable off-base housing. This program is governed by a memorandum of understanding between the Landlord and Commander Naval Region Southeast enabling military personnel to rent off-base housing at a reduced rate.

Application fees and credit check fees are waived under this program. The service member may be charged a security deposit, equal to one month’s rent, contingent upon the outcome of the resident’s selection criteria review. The landlord may deny renting to an RPP applicant based on prior negative rental references, when unrelated to financial issues. The Housing Service Center RPP properties will require applicants to meet income requirements. The military tenant must agree to participate in the allotment payment system for payment of rental cost. The landlord may make renter’s insurance and liability insurance mandatory for the military RPP applicant.
This program permits communities to voluntarily obligate one, two, three and four bedroom units for rent by military personnel. Units that are offered for the RPP are evaluated and qualified to meet the highest standards.

For additional information on this program please contact the Housing Service Center and ask for the RPP counselor.

RPP Applicant Overview

  • Some single E-5 and below service members are required to have an approved chit signed by their Commanding Officer and/or installation Commanding Officer to live off base and draw BAH.
  • Please speak to the RPP counselor for full details.
  • The following documents need to be provided to the Housing Office to begin the RPP application process: Copy of orders to installation or a tenant command showing a PRD of at least 6 months to one year.
    • Current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES)
    • Approved BAH chit for required personnel
    • The member is counseled on RPP. The RPP application is processed, Statement of Understanding signed and Verification of Eligibility (VOE) letter issued to the member. The members’ eligibility amount is determined by the authorized BAH rate for their pay grade. BAH is to cover rent, utilities and renter’s insurance.
  • Listing of available RPP rental properties will be printed for member.
  • Member finds a rental and the original VOE letter is submitted to the Landlord. Member then reviews and signs the lease. The landlord fills out a Letter of Intent, which the member must return to the HSC with a copy of the signed lease.
  • Must initiate an allotment for payment of rent via the Personnel Support Detachment, myPay, the Service member’s financial institution or through the landlord’s allotment company. Should the Service member stop the allotment, they are no longer covered under the RPP lease. The landlord may also charge the Service member the difference for the past months of the lease (market rate vice RPP discounted rate). Until the allotment starts, the service member is responsible for making payment to the landlord by certified funds.

For additional information on this program please contact the Housing Service Center and ask to speak to one of the RPP counselors.