Are you open on Saturday?

ITT & OAC are open Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm and closed on all federal holidays.

Can I go fishing or swimming at the Parks and Picnic areas?

Yes you may fish; you must have a state and a base fishing license.  Base fishing licenses may be purchased through the Outdoor Adventure Center.  Swimming in all base Lakes are strictly prohibited.  Beware of the alligators! 

Can OAC rental items be left outside during non-working hours?

All items must be returned during normal business hours.  Any items left unattended will result in a $25 after hours charge.

Can OAC reservations be made without payment?

All reservations require payment in order to reserve the equipment.

Do I take my own trash out from the Parks and Picnic areas?

We provide accessible trash cans so patrons are able to dispose of trash properly.  However, if an item it too big to be placed in a trash can, the patron is responsible for disposing of the item.

Do the Parks and Picnic areas have a water source?

There is a water source at Otters Cove.  Lakeview, Under the Pines, and Etowah do not have a water source.

Do the Parks and Picnic areas have any shelter?

Yes,  Otters Cove, Lakeview, Under the Pines, and Etowah Parks offer covered pavilions and have picnic tables. 

Do the Parks and Picnic areas have electricity?

There are outlets at Otters Cove.  Electricity is not available at Lakeview, Under the Pines, or Etowah Parks.

Do the Parks and Picnic areas have grills? If so, do I need to provide my own supplies?

There are grills at all four parks. You must provide your own charcoal and supplies, and when you are finished you must clean the grill for the next person to use.

Do the Parks and Picnic areas have playgrounds?

Two locations have a playgrounds; Otters Cove Park by Lake D and Under the Pines Park by the fitness complex.

Do the Parks and Picnic areas have restrooms?

Yes. There are restrooms available at Otters Cove, Lakeview, Under the Pines and Etowah Parks.

How far out can I reserve a OAC item?

45 days from today for military and 30 days for civilian.


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